About Us


"PaintbyShawnDenise means clothes that are custom made so way they appear painted on the body as if the body is a Kanvas. I wanted to create a brand that Curvy women could find a one of a kind piece for the perfect event, night on the town or even an everyday look. When I created PaintbyShawnDenise, I begin to dream bigger and bigger. There was no way I could leave out men or kids. Here I was, at the time, a wife and a mother of young children. I went on to add MSTbyShawnDenise and PAiNTEDKiDS. The same logic applies to all 6 of my brands including, DOPSbyShawnDenise, KanVas, & SDHome Décor. My goal is to make your closets and living spaces something you can admire daily and be proud of."


~ Shawn Denise, CEO/Designer