About Us

Shawn Denise Designs was founded in 2014 after the creation of PaintbyShawnDenise on January 3, 2013. Founder/CEO, Shawn Denise, wanted to establish chic fashion for women, men, kids, and their home.

"PaintbyShawnDenise means clothes that are custom made so way they appear painted on the body as if the body is a Kanvas. I wanted to create a brand that Curvy women could find a one of a kind piece for the perfect event, night on the town or even an everyday look. When I created PaintbyShawnDenise, I begin to dream bigger and bigger. There was no way I could leave out men or kids. Here I was, at the time, a wife and a mother of young children. I went on to add MSTbyShawnDenise and PAiNTEDKiDS. The same logic applies to all 6 of my brands including, DOPSbyShawnDenise, KanVas, & SDHome Décor. My goal is to make your closets and living spaces something you can admire daily and be proud of."


~ Shawn Denise, CEO/Designer



Shawn Denise, CEO/Lead Designer

Born in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a graduate of Tennessee State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences with a Concentration in Agribusiness; minor in Business Administration. She is the proud mother of 3. She started her company to empower plus size divas and brawn men to be fashionable with details. 


Faithe Mintz, Designer Assistant


Kiera Clark, (Interim) Creative Director